Luggage train Luggage strap

Do the impossible

Carry stroller, backpack, car seat, and luggage all at the same time

Luggage Train ™ is an excellent travel companion for families, business traveler, and jet setters. Luggage Train ™ is easy and manageable enough that a child could do it. Luggage Train ™ system allows users carry multiple luggage and bags with out limit. Unlike many other luggage straps or carriers, Luggage Train ™ is not limited to just 3 luggage. Luggage Train ™ is expandable, so you can keep adding as many as you like. Additionally, you can add bag on top or bottom it is that versatile. Users can now travel with out any stress.

"I can't believe how easy it is!"  Traveling with family and 2 kids. "I just hooked my stroller to the strap, and rolled my luggage with car seat in tow at the end. I could believe it! It was so much easier traveling at the airport and dealing with the kids."

Deborah R.

We travel internationally every summer with the family and luggage train just makes it easy to put all of bags in one train and go.  We have control of our luggage without the outrageous cost of a luggage valet.  More money to shop with.  Thanks luggage train! 

Betsy C.

Simply a smart design

This device will be eventually be available at luggage accessory retailers and airport shops very soon, but not at this price. Luggage Train ™ is made in the USA. Built from top quality web material that can handle up to 1,600lb, but small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.